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Learn the basics of storytelling and tell goofy stories to your friends with Tales Retold!

Completely open-source, made only with open-source softwares and resources, remixable to your needs, no strings attached at all. Print the pack or even just copy words on paper in any way you want, customize it, make your own version, do what you want with it!


  1. Download the Starter Pack (link at the bottom of the page)
  2. Print it in black and white on white or colored card stock (2 sided-printing if you want) or regular paper (glue back and front to make the cards a tad sturdier if you like). Make sure the margins stay the same for both front and back.
  3. Cut the cards out.
  4. Use an extra sheet of paper to make an origami rectangle box! Advice: 1/4 of a sheet of paper will have the correct size for the lid of your box. Use a slightly smaller 1/4 (trim the edges) to make the box itself.
  5. Enjoy!

Note: I will provide soon a 'blank' pack so you can fill them with the words you want!

Note 2: A special pandemic pack is coming soon!


There are 5 types of cards:

  • Agents (pawn icon): Interactive beings (nouns in the English version),
  • Desires (heart icon): Things Agents want (nouns/abstract concepts),
  • Actions (arrow icon): Things Agents do (verbs),
  • Locations (marker icon): Places where things happen (nouns),
  • Tones (note icon): How things happen (adjectives)

No matter which variant of rules you play, the following is advised:

  • Do not use the same type of card twice in a row
  • Do not try to tell a good story; try to tell a memorable story!
  • A player's turn shouldn't last more than 1 min (unless you're playing solo). Use a timer!


The Archivist: Remember everything!

Number of players: 1-2, super easy

  1. Draw 2 random agents, 2 desires, 2 actions, 2 locations and 2 tones
  2. Place them face up on your board
  3. Rearrange them to tell a story with them
  4. Flip the cards face down
  5. Retell the story again and reveal the cards as you use them

You win if you remembered the cards in the correct order!

With 2 players: One makes the story, the other has to memorize it correctly. Next round, switch roles. The player who fails to remember loses the game. You can increase/decrease the difficulty by adding/removing cards.

Exquisite Telephone: A group game about improvised storytelling!

Number of players: 3 and more, super easy

  1. Draw 1 agent card and put it in the middle of the board. It will be the protagonist of your collective story.
  2. Each player takes turn in telling the collective story as follows:
    • Pick any card type randomly
    • Repeat the sentences told by previous players
    • Continue the story with 1 sentence
    • Flip the drawn card face down

A player who fails their turn is eliminated. The game ends when there's only one player left, who gets to conclude the story.

The Writer's Room: Write the next blockbuster... if your producer allows it!

Details coming soon!



Starter Pack 1 MB

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